Summer Training


May 20, 2020


Our latest information is that the school and athletic facilities will remain shut down and that there will be no in-person coach directed practices for any sports until at least August 1st. Should not be a problem for cross country. Our early-summer training is done mostly "on our own" anyway. The coaching staff will provide training guidelines and will be in touch by text or e-mail. A rewarding summer of running and another great season of Pirate Cross Country coming up!

Here is how to get ready:

Step 1: Make sure the coaches have your contact information. Follow the button below:

Step 2: Join our team Strava club, MBXC. This extremely useful app allows both you and your coaches to keep track of your training.

Step 3. MANDATORY FOR ALL MBHS ATHLETES - obtain clearance from the MBHS Athletic Department. The school will not be having a physical night this spring, so you will need to schedule an athletic physical with your own pediatrician. Urgent Care on Quintana Road in Morro Bay also does physicals. Athletic clearances are only good for one year and most clearances for current athletes will expire before summer. The forms are located on the MBHS website, at the bottom of this page, or from the button below.

And remember: You don’t have to get to run!


Coach Chuck

Newcomers & Returners

Please make sure that you obtain your 2020-21 MBHS athletic clearance in time to begin training with the team this Fall. Print, fill out, and submit the forms below to the athletics office.

Athletic Clearance (Required Yearly)

1) ATHLETIC CONTRACT : To be completed and signed by parent and student. Additional signature form is only available for pickup at the Front Office. For more information contact the Athletic Secretary .

2) HISTORY FORM: Note: This form is to be filled out by the patient and parent prior to seeing the physician. This form needs to be completed and turned in with your Physical to the Athletic Office.

3) PHYSICAL EVALUATION: To be returned along with the Athletic Contract.

All forms, including parent volunteer, located HERE