MB Invite

Date: Saturday, September 14, 2019

Order of Events:

  • 9:30 V Girls (top 7 only)
  • 10:00 V Boys (top 7 only)
  • 10:30 JV Girls
  • 11:00 JV Boys
  • 11:30 Frosh Girls 2 mile
  • 12:00 Frosh Boys 2 mile


Part 1 of this is a repeat of the information sent out on September 2. Part 2 is new information pertaining to weather, bathroom facilities, etc,


We look forward to seeing you at the beach on the 14th! Here are a few reminders, and an update on parking:

Athletes must be entered via Athletic.net. The deadline to enter/edit athletes is 11:59 p.m. September 10.

Entry fees are $8.00 per athlete/$300.00 per school maximum, checks payable to Morro Bay Cross Country. Courses will be the same as in 2018 (as close to 2 and 3 miles as possible!)

Our courses feature long stretches of soft sand. Athletes without a suitable level of conditioning should not race.

The concession stand will be open and there will be a trainer on site. However, please bring ice and be prepared to deal with minor issues on your own.

Although there are major construction activities underway on campus, we are pleased to advise that all parking lots will be open. Busses may drop off athletes at the bus circle, accessed via the west driveway. However, busses and other large vehicles (RV’s, etc.) must park in the east lot (closest to Highway 1) if parking on campus.

Tags donated by VS Athletics. Use coupon code "morrobay19" at vsathletics.com for 15% off your order through 10/31/19.


Restrooms: All of the available restroom facilities on campus will be open. If there are lines at the restrooms near the concession stand, athletes should check the boys and girls locker rooms (except the locker rooms at the old gym - these are closed for reconstruction). Beyond that, restrooms are available in the exterior corridors near the classroom wings.

Conditions: The weather promises to be gorgeous, with morning temperatures ranging from 68 to 77 degrees and winds from 2 to 7 MPH. The tide will rise through the morning to a height of 4.5 feet at 11:12 a.m. There should be a decent amount of beach hardpack for the varsity races, but by the time the froshies run it will all be pretty soft. The sand will radiate heat, and those without proper hydration may feel like they are on a long trek through the Sahara.

More Parking Info: There will be other events at the school on Saturday morning and on-campus parking may be tight. There is usually ample public parking along Atascadero Road just to the south of campus

Frosh Race: Sophomores in this race should be novices, as it is intended as a beginner race.

Coaches Meeting: Brief meeting at the football field 50 yard line at 8:45 a.m.

Course maps:

2 Mile

3 Mile

-Chuck Ogle

Course Maps

3mi Course

2mi Course

Schedule / Design

Tentative Schedule

$20/shirt. Sold at Meet